Custom Machining

MCF Industries machines to close-tolerances in a wide variety of materials and can manage the entire program so that only one purchase order is necessary, whether the finished part involves special raw materials, secondaries or assembly. The latest in state-of-the art 4-axis  and 6-axis CNC machines are used for production efficiency, highest accuracy and surface finish.

  • Bar stock and custom extrusions
  • Castings
  • Forgings
  • Custom machining centers and dial machines for high-volume applications
  • Assemblies and custom packaging

This assembly is for adjusting rifle sights and has extremely critical tolerances. MCF Industries was involved in all aspects of the program - design, machining, assembly machine design and final assembly.

Engine mount bracket for Ford Villager and Nissan Quest

Hydromount for Ford Taurus. Ductile iron casting machined by MCF Industries and assembled with MCF Industries designed machine.

Accelerator hinge bracket for Ford truck. Aluminum forging with close tolerance thru-hole, held to plus or minus 0.0005"

Wheel hub assembly for GM front wheel drive vehicles. Machined, broached and assembled with bearing by MCF Industries.

Close tolerance hydraulic components. Cylinder ring in diameters up to 11.25 inches for large telescopic hydraulic cylinders.

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