Flanged Axles

MCF Industries is a major supplier of flanged and stub axles. With induction heat-treating done in-house it is possible to control all aspects of production to produce axles of the highest quality - and rolled splines with physical qualities up to 30% greater than machined.

  • Tight tolerances
  • In-house heat-treating
  • Rolled splines for enhanced physical and mechanical properties
  • Ground bearing surfaces
  • Hard turnded bearing surfaces
  • Premium alloy steel
  • Magniflux inspection is available

Race Car Axles

This axle for race cars has a tolerance of +/-0.00025" on this bearing surface and +/-0.010" along the entire shaft length. The flange boss has a total indicator runout tolerance of 0.002" after heat-treat. MCF Industries was the only supplier found that could produce parts to these critical dimensions.

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