Spline Shafts

MCF Industries has cutting-edge capabilities in producing splined shafts for axles, power transmission and other critical applications. Automated machines give us the flexibility to machine or cold-form splines -- which have inherently enhanced qualities. Our cold-form spline rolling method produces features with closer tolerances and improved physical characteristics.

  • Improved density and grain structure
  • Greater load capacities with up to 30% improvement
  • Enhanced surface finish
  • Tapered, straight and helical splines and serrations
  • Worms, grooves, threads
  • Short-run to high-volume production quantities
  • High-speed process for lower cost
  • In-house heat-treating
  • Ground bearing surfaces
  • Keyways

Reduced Tolerances

MCF Industries was able to reduce tolerances and improve performance on these critical-application brake components. The customer came to us to solve a problem with another supplier on these brake components. The splines had been machined on a CNC machine resulting in an out of tolerance condition on the form, spacing and lead. MCF Industries was able to reduce the tolerance by an order of magnitude by cold-forming the splines. Additionally, with MCF Industries managing the entire program, the customer was able to place just one blanket order.  This eliminated the separate orders from the forger, machining supplier, plater and trucking company. Lead time was reduced from 12-20 weeks to JIT delivery, quality was improved, and delivered cost was reduced.


Precision hobbing


Precision hobbing for profiles that do not lend themselves to cold-forming.

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